Rep. Ilhan Omar Praises President Trump

Even Representative Ilhan Omar, traditionally one of President Trump’s most vocal critics, is praising his response to the Coronavirus.

Iran President Promises Further Retaliation Against U.S.

The nation of Iran is threatening further retaliation against the United States… but is also begging the US to lift its sanctions.

Sanders Won’t Answer Campaign Questions

Bernie Sanders won’t say whether he’s dropping out of the Democratic Primary, and he’s tired of you asking, too.

Government Readies Cash for Americans

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is working to get more money in every American’s pockets.

US Treasury: Slowdown, Not Recession

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin assured Americans that he expected Coronavirus to cause a slowdown, not a recession.

Biden, Sanders Promise Woman as VP

Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders both signaled that picking a woman was their top priority for choosing a running mate.

Pelosi Backs Sanders

Unprompted, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi supported Senator Bernie Sanders’ continued fight for the Democratic nomination.

Should Democrats Cancel the Election?

The Democratic Party needs to bring an end to their primaries in an effort to combat COVID-19.

Trump Imposes 30 Day Travel Ban

President Trump took decisive action to limit the spread of Coronavirus as quickly as possible.

Trump Blames Warren for Killing Bernie

President Trump is taking aim at Senator Elizabeth Warren, but this time, he’s doing it for a most unusual purpose.