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Judson Sapp: Florida’s Top Trump Candidate

As the 2020 election approaches, it is more important than ever to know which candidates best represent America’s values. As Proud Patriots, we are committed to identifying those politicians who will protect our freedoms and liberties, fight for the rights of the individual and the small business, conserve what matters to American families, and support President Trump in his fight against the radical Left.


In our home state of Florida, no candidate does all of that more passionately than Judson Sapp, who is running for Congress in the Sunshine State’s 3rd Congressional District. Sapp is a husband, a father, a businessman — and a proud patriot — who is committed to fighting alongside President Trump to help Keep America Great.

Fighting for Business

 Radicals within the Democratic Party are increasingly interested in bringing down successful businesses and attacking those who build them. Judson Sapp knows the value of small businesses. As the CEO of W.J. Sapp & Son, Inc., a railroad contractor that serves the Southeastern United States, he knows firsthand what it takes to make a business successful.

Sapp understands the impact that each tax and regulation has on a business. So he fights for lower taxes and fewer regulations, knowing that those changes will stimulate the economy, grow businesses, and create more jobs.

Representing Family and Community

Sapp also isn’t some Washington insider looking for a place to score easy political points. He is a native Floridian and a resident of Clay County, Florida. His wife and two sons live here, too, so he will always represent what he feels is best for our great Nation and the state of Florida.

Judson Sapp with Sean Spicer
(Photos by Erica Faith Brough)

Sapp has participated in and hosted fundraisers for Republicans in Florida. He’s done something unusual – put his money where his mouth is, donating to conservatives, helping to organize the financial base for not only President Trump’s reelection, but also the nationwide push to take back Congress from Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and others on the far Left.

The Sunshine State has always been a battleground. But in an election where a leading Democrat idolizes Fidel Castro and denigrates Israel, and the entire Democratic Party is taking steps that will jeopardize the security of retirees, it is all the more important for Florida to elect representatives who will fight back.  Sapp will fight against socialism and big government.

A True Conservative

Sapp also fights for those values that conservatives have always held dear.

He is a lifelong member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Gun Owners of America, and Unified Sportsmen of Florida. He will not allow radical Democrats to trample on the rights protected by the Second Amendment.

He is also passionately pro-life. Leave it to the father of two to go to Washington, D.C. and fight for the rights of the unborn.

President Trump was the first President to ever speak at the March for Life. He has done more to enshrine those rights than any President before him. Sapp is prepared to come alongside the Commander in Chief and support him in his fight to not only protect but expand the rights of gun owners and the unborn.

Unrelenting Trump Supporter

Some politicians will claim loyalty to President Trump in a shameful attempt to ride his coattails to political success. Not Sapp.

Judson Sapp is a member of the Trump Victory Finance Committee. This committee has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in the battle to reelect the President and give him four more years to Keep America Great.

But Sapp hasn’t stopped there. He’s hosted fundraisers at his home for top Trump candidates like John James of Michigan. He’s even hosted Donald Trump, Jr. himself, as well as many other patriots!

Florida’s Top Trump Candidate

President Trump’s reelection campaign is every bit as vital as his first election against Hillary Clinton. And as important as it is to get him back in the White House, it is just as important to take back Congress so that he can pass his game-changing policies. He will need passionate supporters in both houses of Congress to get his strategies done.

Judson Sapp, who is running for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District, will be just such a supporter. He’s supported the President for years through various fundraisers and committees. Now he wants to support the President on Capitol Hill.

Sapp is a business owner, a family man, and a lifelong true conservative. He will fight for the values that Americans hold most important. He will defend the rights of the unborn and protect the Second Amendment. And, most importantly, he will support President Trump in his fight against the radical Left, helping to Keep America Great.

There is no question in our mind that he is a proud patriot. And we are happy to select Judson Sapp as our Top Trump Candidate in the State of Florida.

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