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Pelosi Backs Sanders

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave her two cents on those calling for Sen. Bernie Sanders to quit the Democratic presidential race following successive defeats in early state primaries.

Instead of asking Sen. Sanders to concede to former vice president Joe Biden — who’s a clear favorite to win the 2020 Democratic nomination — the House Speaker said that the lawmaker from Vermont should stay in the race.

“In case you were going to ask, no, I don’t think Bernie Sanders should get out of the race,” Speaker Pelosi told reporters, unprompted.

“I’m a grassroots person,” she added.


While Sen. Sanders boasts of his grassroots campaign, he has often criticized the former vice president for being a scourge of the elite.

“The political establishment of this country is frantically trying to stop us,” the Sanders campaign earlier said.

“They’re now fully behind their candidate, Joe Biden, and their super PACs are spending big on advertising against us. So we need a lot of donations today in order to take them on and win,” it added.

Healthcare, Healthcare, and Healthcare

House Speaker Pelosi earlier lauded the healthcare focus of Sen.  Sanders saying “it is the most important issue in the campaign.”

“There are three issues: healthcare, healthcare, and healthcare,” she said.

Sen. Sanders has been taking a beating in the majority of primaries held this month, but he clinched the support of California on Super Tuesday — beating former VP Biden at 34% to 27.2% votes.

California has the greatest number of delegates with 415, followed by New York (274), Texas (228) and Florida (219). 

Despite discouraging Sen. Sanders from dropping out of the race, however, House Speaker Pelosi has said that the Democratic nominee “will have our wholehearted support” whoever it turns out to be. 

“I know the enthusiasm of supporters for candidates and they want to see it play out for the ideas, the causes that the candidate advances, with the opportunity for people to show their support,” Speaker Pelosi said.

Sen. Sanders and former VP Biden debated on Sunday in Washington D.C. without an audience over fears of coronavirus spread. It was earlier scheduled in Arizona but was moved to the capital for precaution.

The next big primaries will be in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio on March 17.

Meanwhile, Louisiana became the first state to postpone the primaries due to the coronavirus from April 4 to June 20.

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