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Should Democrats Cancel the Election?

The Coronavirus is a pandemic now, and all across the nation, organizations are canceling major public gatherings.

Even the major sports leagues are getting on board:

Yesterday, President Trump took decisive action to limit travel into the country. He imposed a 30-day travel ban on flights from Europe and proposed significant legislative changes to help ailing companies.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are both canceling campaign events. Biden expects to host such events virtually for the foreseeable future.

Today, after the Dow Jones’ “circuit breaker” tripped for the second time this week, the New York Federal Reserve announced a plan to dump $1.5 trillion into the stock market to combat Coronavirus losses.

So Why Haven’t Democrats Moved?

The question remains, then: why hasn’t the Democratic Party moved to cancel their remaining primaries?

Are they so consumed with keeping the spotlight on them that they will risk public safety?

Or are they so terrified of Bernie Sanders launching a rebellion within their ranks that they will allow the Coronavirus to spread just to satisfy him?

Or — worst of all — are they happy to see the Coronavirus continue to spread because they believe it is damaging to President Trump?

Whatever the answer, we all know what should be done. There’s no question that Joe Biden is the frontrunner. FiveThirtyEight gives Biden a greater than 99/100 chance of winning the nomination. So what are they waiting for?

With every second that passes, the Democrats put more voters, campaign staffers, and poll workers at risk. It’s time for the Party to act and bring an end to this meaningless process.

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