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The Simpsons Take Aim at Trump

There aren’t many media that are free of politics these days. In the era of President Donald Trump, everybody has an opinion. And Matt Groening, creator of the Simpsons, has never been shy about sharing his.

So it’s no surprise that the longest-running scripted primetime television show in history spoke out about the President’s latest political feud. They released a teaser this week of a scene that took aim at Trump and the Squad.

Animated Animus

The cartoon portrayed President Trump in its usual yellow tone, with flaxen hair and bags around the eyes. The portly president had noticeably small hands, likely a nod to the real Trump’s long-running insecurity about their size. He sat in his Oval Office, hoping for “a distraction” from everything going wrong until he gazed at the conveniently place picture of the four members of the Squad on his desk.

Strings brought the scene to life, and the tune of West Side Story’s “America” began to ring. Trump sang his “true” feelings about the four minority Congresswomen in the Squad: “They shouldn’t be in America / no one but me in America / no taxes for me in America / this is my natural hair-ica.”

Then the Squad came to life, chasing Trump around the White House until he cowers behind a podium in the press room as the four loom over him, singing: “you’re Boris Johnson without the class / can’t wait to see you behind prison glass / your nose is right up Putin’s a** / we say it’s time to impeach you fast.”

Then, for no clearly explained reason, 17 or so of the Democratic primary candidates Can-Can across the White House lawn toward Trump. He joins the high-kicking line until he can no longer stand, when animated Joe Biden hits the parting shot of the teaser, laughingly saying “who’s an old man now?”

What Do You Think?

The video is a… strange critique of President Trump. But it’s light-hearted. What do you think of the teaser? Are you excited to see the full episode? Let us know!

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