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Washington Post’s Brutal al-Baghdadi Flub

The Washington Post recently met backlash and a little mockery for releasing an obituary headline referring to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as an “austere religious scholar” Critics derided the headline inappropriate as it downgrades the brutality of the vicious terrorist and instead portrayed him in an almost positive light.

The Post came under fire and quickly changed the headline two times: first calling al-Baghdadi “terrorist-in-chief” and then an “austere religious leader at the helm of ISIS” before settling to call him an “extremist leader of the ISIS.”

Hannity Fights Back

But The Post is not getting away with it that easily, as social media hawks started poking fun at the deleted headline, sparking a deluge of parodies shading the publication.

Part of The Post obituary read: “The man who would become the founding leader of the world’s most brutal terrorist group spent his early adult years as an obscure academic, aiming for a quiet life as a professor of Islamic law.”

Sean Hannity criticized The Post, who also referred to al-Baghdadi as a “religious scholar with wireframe glasses,” calling the publication “deranged.”

“Baghdadi was evil personified, a mass murderer, serial rapist, brutal con man. He led the most barbaric terrorist organization on Earth,” Hannity said on his show.Speaking directly to owner Jeff Bezos, the Fox host said: “Jeff Bezos, your newspaper. Let me educate your oblivious, deranged newspaper. Baghdadi was no scholar. He was a radical Islamic extremist, an evil ass S.O.B.,” Hannity said.

“He got cornered by members of the toughest, greatest military heroes on the face of this Earth and then blew himself up like the coward he is. And Baghdadi is, I’m pretty certain, rotting in hell as we speak,” Hannity added, before hitting the media for its “unfair” coverage of al-Baghdadi’s death which he said was meant to hurt Pres. Donald Trump’s efforts.

Shapiro Piles On

Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro also joined in blasting The Post.

“Voldemort, austere wizard who overcame a severe facial deformity to achieve dark lordship, dead at 71” to mock the obituary.

He added: “WaPo list of austere religious scholars: Augustine, Aquinas, Maimonides, Luther, Calvin, Al-Baghdadi.”

Twitter Has It’s Day

On Twitter, the sparked a deluge of death parodies meant to mock the Post for its blunder.

“Darth Vader, disabled single father of two, passes away. #WaPoDeathNotices.”

“Jeffrey Epstein, financier, philanthropist, and friend to royalty, dies in austere, one room apartment. #WaPoDeathNotices”

Pres. Trump announced Sunday that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been killed by US military forces in a raid that took place in northwestern Syria.

The death of Baghdadi – who led the ISIS since 2013 – ended a years-long international manhunt for one of the world’s most vicious terrorists, responsible for killing thousands of people in incidents linked to ISIS.

Steve Scalise exposed the double standard for the Post between al-Baghdadi and President Trump.

Donald Trump, Jr. added on:

The Washington Post admitted their mistake and replaced the headline. Kristine Coratti Kelly tweeted: “Regarding our al-Baghdadi obituary, the headline should never have read that way and we changed it quickly.”

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